SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase (HotStart)

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SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase (HotStart)

SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase (HotStart)

SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase (HotStart) is the optimized mixture of Taq Polymerase and Anti-Taq monoclonal antibodies. Antibodies block polymerase activity during set-up of the PCR reactions at ambient temperature. The inhibition of SuperHotTaq DNA polymerase is completely reversed when the temperature is above 70 °C.
The PCR products obtained with SuperHotTaq are free of unspecific products and primer-dimers.
SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase is also available as high concentrated version and without glycerol.

Please notice that the product number 119010HC has changed to 119030HC and product number 119020GF has changed to 119025HC-GF. The product specification is still the same.


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